In keeping with our commitment to provide our patients with the very best orthodontic treatment available anywhere, we have taken great measures to ensure that our sterilization program meets or exceeds the most stringent standard of care. You will notice that protective gloves are always worn while working on patients and that a new pair is used for each and every patient. Protective eye wear and masks are also worn for those procedures that warrant their use. Whenever possible, disposable items are used and when this is not feasible, the latest sterilization techniques are utilized. An independent monitoring service regularly evaluates the maintenance and functioning of our sterilization system in order that patient protection may be provided. All instruments are mechanically cleaned, then placed in our state-of-the-art heat sterilization unit. All dental hand pieces either utilize disposable attachments or are cleaned and heat sterilized in an autoclave sterilizer specifically designed for dental hand pieces. You will notice that all exposed surfaces in the treatment area are constantly cleaned and treated with the very best surface disinfectants.

All employees have received extensive training in sterilization procedures and have been vaccinated against the hepatitis B virus. We are justifiably proud of our sterilization program and welcome any questions you might have about it. When it comes to taking care of you and your children, we feel that you deserve the very best!


 We are committed to providing the finest personal orthodontic care that is possible for our patients in a comfortable, caring and relaxed office environment. Our practice uses the most advanced techniques available to provide the most effective means of correcting each individual problem. Our participation in professional and educational seminars and conferences provides continued exposure to the latest developments in orthodontic materials, techniques and procedures. In addition to meeting each patient’s orthodontic needs, we strive to provide a positive and memorable orthodontic experience for children and adults.


Our mission is to provide the best orthodontic care possible, helping our patients achieve good dental health, enhancing their appearance and self-confidence; to satisfy patients and parents through education and communication; to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our patients and staff and to create a stress-free atmosphere of mutual support and cooperation for our staff, giving the health care professionals a sense of value and enabling them to balance their personal and professional lives.

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